Segment Category Name Shortlisted Applicants
Corporate Events Trade/Channel Event of the Year Phase 1 Aura M Live Laqshya Live
Employee Engagement Event of the Year Wishmakers Tessarakt Hyperlink Laqshya Live STCH
Product Launch/Re-launch Event of the Year Hyperlink Phase 1 Phase 1 Swordfish Silly Fellows
Celebratory Event of the Year Acme Hyperlink Aura Laqshya Live Phase 1
PR / Media Event of the Year Swordfish Aura Hyperlink
Sustainable Corporate Event of the Year Aura Phase 1 E Factor Crew It
CSR Event of the year Crew It Event Crafters Vibgyor Tessarakt Wishmakers
Hybrid Event of the Year - Offline + Online Acme WALK Experiential Laqshya Live Collective Heads
Consumer Experiences Excellence in Mall Activation Vibgyor Laqshya Live Inextis Trinity Vibgyor
Excellence in Youth Activation The Silly Fellows Laqshya Live Vibgyor Hyperlink Laqshya Live
Excellence in Rural Activation Aura Walk Experiential Laqshya Live
Excellence in Consumer Activation Campaign Aura Laqshya Live Hyperlink Laqshya Live
Excellence in Road Show Activation Prelude Novel R Red Chariots Walk Experiential Jagran Solutions Trinity Entertainment
Excellence in Luxury Brand Activation M Live Phase 1 Event Crafters Beep Experience Laqshya Live
Excellence in Integrated Marketing Campaign Hyperlink Beep Hyperlink Hyperlink
Excellence in Influencer Marketing Campaign Inextis Events Event Crafters Hyperlink Laqshya Live
Exhibitions B2B Exhibition of the Year M Live Events JMD DESIGN Ice Global & Gobananas Laqshya Live
B2C exhibition of the Year Prelude Novel Mudra Event Laqshya Live Gobananas
Social Events Complete Wedding of the Year (Outside India) Kreative Solutions Touchwood E Factor
Complete Wedding of the Year (Within India) Wedding Factory Touchwood E Factor Touchwood
Excellence in Wedding Entertainment Rashi Entertainment Glow Show E Factor K.K.B. Holdings Touchwood
Excellence in Wedding D├ęcor Wedding Factory Touchwood Eventia Eventia Touchwood
Excellence in wedding Food & Beverage Orange Blossom Rashi Entertainment
Sangeet of the Year E Factor Glow Show Touchwood Trinity BLOOM & HUES
Reception Ceremony of the year Touchwood Gobananas Eventia Eventia Rashi
Excellence in use of technology in a wedding Four corner render Uniq lights Meet Fashion Rashi Entertainment Glow Show
Excellence in Wedding Photography Trinity Entertainment
Excellence in Wedding Videography Trinity Entertainment
Sustainable Wedding of the Year Thankyou A 2 Z Events Mapsor Advertising Wedding Factory
Social Celebration of the Year Encore Events K.K.B Mapsor Phase 1 Events Rashi Entertainment
MICE MICE Event of the Year (Outside India) Aura Laqshya Live STCH Phase 1
MICE Event of the Year (Within India) Laqshya Live Laqshya Live STCH Laqshya Live Executive Events
Destination for a MICE Event (Outside India) Phase 1
Government Government Event of the Year- Large (above 5K pax) Gobananas E Factor E Factor Gobananas E Factor
Government Event of the Year- Small (below 5K pax) Event Crafters WaterMark Rashi Entertainment E Factor
Installation/ Government Show of the Year Smart Graph Art C S Direkt Craftech 360 E Factor C S Direkt
Large Scale Events / Festivals / Concerts etc Sports Event of the Year The Silly Fellows Gobananas Event Crafters E Factor E Factor
Debut IP of the Year Seventhavenue Hyperlink Swordfish Hyperlink Swordfish
Longstanding IP of the Year Kommune Creative Witty Hyperlink Prelude Novel Hyperlink
Music Event of the Year Hyperlink Hyperlink GSS Torque Hyperlink
Festival of the Year (Art / Culture / Food) C S Direkt E Factor K Kommune E Factor E Factor
Signature Event of the Year Gobananas Phase 1 Hyperlink Swordfish Rashi
Professional Association Event of the Year Executive Events Aura Hyperlink Executive Events Aura

Evaluated by an independent and diverse jury panel comprising of thought-leaders from across the globe, EEMAX Global Awards will be held in EEMAGINE 2023 from 18th-20th, August 2023, at The Westin, Mumbai to celebrate and recognise excellence.

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