EEMAX GLOBAL Awards evaluation process

The appointed auditors Ernst & Young will validate each step of the winner- determination process. Awards Management Team will comprise the EEMA secretariat under the stewardship of the Director Operations.

Each submitted entry will be verified by independent auditors and the Awards Management Team to see if it meets the following eligibility criteria:
  • To begin, please register yourself / login and fill in the required details
  • Once registered / logged in, you can start nominating entries by selecting the categories
  • Entry write-up must include two sections: Case study and Supporting Material
  • Case study: All questions must be answered. Incomplete forms will lead to disqualification. A crisp and to-the-point write-up is required for evaluation. All the salient points related to the selected category should be covered in the main entry
  • Supporting Material: An AV of not more than 3 minutes to be submitted with a focus on highlighting key areas as applicable to the award category. Ensure that the submitted Audio visual and story board must be specific to the applicable category. The AV link must be shared using Youtube / Vimeo. The Youtube / Vimeo account should ‘NOT’ be of the agency or the client.
  • Agency / Client branding should not be present in the submitted entry. Any mention or indication of agency branding, or identification could lead to disqualification of the entry. Participant must attach / submit the client approval letter / email.
  • Agency submission with all details should be in place
  • Participant must ensure payment for membership fee from April 2019 – March 2022.
  • Based on the eligibility criteria, the qualified entries will be shared with the screening jury for evaluation.
View access of all approved entries will be given to the Screening Jury and the following process will unfold:
  • The selection committee will comprise domain experts from outside of EEMA’s membership.
  • The screening jury will evaluate the qualified entries for each category
  • Scores provided by the screening jury will be confidential and will be tabulated by the independent auditors
  • Finalists will be determined based on the tabulated scores
  • The nominated work will be published on the EEMAX GLOBAL website and will be communicated to all members.
The EEMAX Grand Jury will consist of leaders of corporate / media/ PR / Marketing & Advertising / Social Celebrities /Influencers / Events, etc.
  • The Grand jury names will be shared on the EEMAX Global website
  • Finalist entries will be presented to the grand jury for evaluation
  • The Grand jury scores and process will be supervised in its entirety by the independent auditors

The final winners of GOLD, SILVER or BRONZE will be decided based on scores tabulated by the independent auditors and will be held in confidence till the awards ceremony.


Who will manage the Process for the awards?

  • The appointed auditors, Ernst & Young will manage the awards evaluation process.
Eligibility Criteria

Events / activations must be commercially launched and produced in the year 2019 – 22 i.e., 01 April 2019 – 31 March 2022 in the Indian markets or major part of the project falls in the above-mentioned period are eligible for submitting their entry.

Evaluation criteria

The entries will be evaluated on the following parameters:

  • Events / activations must be commercially launched and produced in the year 2019 – 22 i.e., 01
  • April 2019 – 31 March 2022 in the Indian markets or major part of the project falls in the above-mentioned period are eligible for being an entry
  • The company applying for the Awards (as mentioned above) must be in operations for more than 1 year in India as on 31 March 2022
  • The Jury holds the right to disqualify any application which does not meet the eligibility criteria
  • Jury’s decisions are final and binding and cannot be challenged in any manner whatsoever
  • The Awards management may modify the eligibility criteria from time to time with retrospective effect, without prior written notification
  • Completeness of entries and disqualifications
    • Applicants can apply only once for an event / activation in a respective category. A separate form must be used in case a sister concern of the organization is participating
    • Application forms must be filled in English only
    • The application form needs to be complete in all respects
    • Disqualification of entries is at the sole discretion of jury, on a case-by-case basis. The said disqualification will be as per the rules and regulations defined for the awards
    • If at any time, any information provided by an applicant is found to be incorrect in any manner, then the applicant will be disqualified from the awards
    • If after the conclusion of the awards ceremony, any information provided by any applicant is found to be incorrect in any manner, then the applicant will be liable to return the award/award money provided to the applicant under these awards
    • Determination of whether information provided by the applicant is incorrect or not is at jury’s discretion
  • EEMA members, other event agencies and Clients from India can submit entries at EEMAX GLOBAL Awards 2022
  • Any International entity including agencies and clients from the events and experiential industry, can also submit their entry at the EEMAX Global Awards 2022
Category EEMA Member Non-member Client International
Award entry Rs.5000 Rs.8000 Rs.12000 $117
18% GST and bank charges will be additional to the above amount. Mandatory to share GST number with entry fee.
In the section, “Procedure to submit an entry for EEMAX Global Awards”, please update the 1st paragraph to: ‘You will find the procedure and rules for submitting your entries for the EEMAX GLOBAL Awards 2022 in this section. Kindly mail your queries related to the forms, categories and awards evaluation process to our independent auditors at Request you to reach out to the EEMA team for membership and payment related queries.’
  • Entries for the events and activations produced in the year 2019 – 22 i.e., 01 April 2019 – 31 March 2022 are eligible for being an entry.
  • Applications for EEMAX Global Awards 2022 must be done online at
  • Kindly follow the registration process to sign up and create your account before starting the procedure of entries submission.
  • More than one entry in an award category by a single entity is permitted.
  • All fields in the PROJECT INFORMATION FORM and CLIENT INFORMATION FORM need to be completed. Incomplete forms will not be considered.
  • If you are applying in multiple categories, you can make an aggregate payment for the multiple nominations online.
  • Payment for all entries will be online – accordingly your invoice and receipt will also be generated. Please note that the member entries will only qualify if the members have no outstanding due against their membership fee. In case the membership fee is not paid then the entry will be disqualified and no refund will be made.
  • Each award entry you submit must:
    • Have an A3 size storyboard (soft copy format). The storyboard can include photographs and information about the event/activation
    • Be supported with an AV film presentation uploaded on YouTube / Vimeo and the respective link to be shared in the form
    • The AV for your entry must not exceed 3 minutes
    • Kindly note: Award entries where the AV submission is not mandatory may still be accompanied by an AV if the agency chooses to do so.
    • Ensure that the name of the event/activation agency should NOT appear anywhere in the award entry and collaterals (A3 Storyboard, AV film presentation, anywhere else on the entry). Not adhering to this could lead to disqualification of the award entry.
    • In the event of an IP the company name may appear.
  • In the category Best IP the company name may appear
  • Completed entries should be submitted by the end of the day on 15th July, 2022.
  • The CLIENT APPROVAL PROCESS for the entries will be through the following process:
    • For each entry, the applicants will provide the details of the client (name, designation, company name & e-mail id)
    • Once you submit your client details for the respective entry, an automated mail will be sent to the client asking for approval for the particular entry.
    • The mail sent to the client will be marked to the primary agency contact person & audit agency personnel.
    • The client approval letter should be sent from the client's official email id where the approver’s id along with designation and organization details are clearly visible
    • OR
    • A letter from the client on the company letterhead should be taken in the above format, along with designation and digital signature of the signing authority
    • Applicants are advised to inform their clients beforehand about the receipt of these mails so that they reply at the earliest.
    • They can reply as and when they receive the mail. For each entry, a separate approval mail will be sent to the clients so they need to reply on all the mails that they receive
    • All the client approvals for the entries should come in by the last date for entry submission i.e. 15th July, 2022.
    • All entries are non-refundable
Element Description Mandatory Points Indicative Points
Campaign details: This is to give the jury an overview of the event / campaign
  • Name of the event / campaign
  • Time-span of the event / campaign (Whether recurring campaign or not)
  • Geographical spread of the event / campaign
Objectives: This is to give the jury a brief idea about the event / campaign, its objectives and the target group
  • The purpose or objective of the event/ campaign
  • The target audience for the event / campaign
  • The origin of / idea behind the event / campaign
  • Specific requirements or preferences of the client
  • Factors important for success of the event / campaign
Strategy: The jury will be looking for appropriateness, relevance and quality of strategic thinking
  • What was the strategy?
  • How was it devised?
  • What was the rationale behind it?
  • How was the strategy suited to meet the client’s objectives?
Execution: The jury will be looking for the effectiveness on how the execution was carried out
  • Method of execution of the event/activation and its relevance to the client’s objectives
Results: The jury will be looking for the extent to which the objectives of the event / campaign were met
  • Describe the success of the activation / event with client testimonials and quantifiable results
Other Relevant Details
  • Details that are required as per the award categories and key evaluation factors.
Please note the AV specifications for each award category
  • The YouTube / Vimeo video links to be uploaded in the respective form.
  • The duration of the AV should not exceed 3 minutes (please keep the duration as low as possible).
  • The AV should ideally reflect the same details as provided in the A3 storyboard to ensure that there is a connect between the two
  • The name of the participating agency should NOT appear anywhere in the A3 storyboard. The Youtube channel / Vimeo ID must not be from the agency or the client’s account. If the client or the agency’s name is mentioned, then it’ll lead to disqualification

Evaluated by an independent and diverse jury panel comprising of thought-leaders from across the globe, EEMAX Global Awards will be held in EEMAGINE 2022 from 5-7th, August, 2022, at Fairmont Jaipur to celebrate and recognise excellence.

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