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Covid Version 2.0!

Wake up and smell the coffee. Well, kudos if you can. Our prayers to boost your immunitea and alternate the CO word that includes Collaboration, COexistence, COhesivness... and yes COffee as well!
Prophecies of a second wave are already rippling with mixed turbulences. Nevertheless, we stay warned, alert, geared with masks and visors.....wiser, unlike the disruptive Wuhanikarak one!

Teams need a shot in the arm

WFH has replaced WTF as the new banter if not a three letter cuss word." Being 'zonked' than 'zoomed' has become the new whine. Early lockdown was all about training, skill upgrade, mentoring, and mutal empathy, truly socially distanced on Virtuo-Platforms. Surprisingly, remote working mavericks could adapt better as they were sensitized to ' on the go ' working, not really bounded by the 9-5 syndrome.
Teams did require cohesive herding, those engrained with an ' in-built- work mode'- switch as opposed to flexible remote working which didn't seem congruent to time, location or geography.

Getting proactive with ideas

So, the big question that faced us. Would clients Stonewall us? Was this the end? Should I transcend into different businesses? Teams? Vendors? Resources? Network? Et al!
Clearly chaos set in, semantics disturbed, and fortified domains threatened to be castled. Introspection revealed the following 5 commandments that we now submit to and swear by:
Ideas are your eternal succour to illuminate growth
Evolve we must, adaptation is sacrosanct
The platform we stand on is trust of our clients
Technology is not a one night stand
Communication is a two way street
The recourse to all this entrapment was the digital space. Social media was ablaze with creativity, thought sharing, ideas, sarcasm. A mixed bag of buzz and barrage.
Lockdown unleashed talents and virtual became the new real.
The traffic on the Information superhighway was log-jammed with infotainment.
Live streaming got a hungry audience.

Fraternity requires to get Contechtual

Come Unlock times the Event Industry is posied to change gears from Cruise to Turbo mode.
We are an industry of flamboyance, dare devilry, guts, gumption and gritty. We are not for the faint hearted, and we come across as the apostle of unprecedented showmanship.
Modestly, we come short of being invincible.
D- Day unlocks the free flowing electrons of an eclectic mix of electric energies.
What unfolds is the unboxing of Version 2.0 ideas created out of a flux of Thought leaders, Techsperts, Branding Gurus, Strategic minds and an eager beavers who want to stream their Client brands into stratosphere

Increasing Offline Outreach

Inclusivity of conventional vendors -Stage design teams, Sound guys, Hotels and venues, Tour operators, Talent and Entertainment groups through adaptive roles would be a great investment when we arrive to the Newer normal.
Ideas again.
Let's converge and discuss, debate when we meet at D- Day

Celebrities are more than a pretty face in the box

Lockdown times shrunk the 60 feet stage to a 16 inch monitor or a 6 inch mobile screen
Let's simulate the big stage with style and panache, glitz and glam and use technology to enhance the deserving entertainment that they have the prowess to unleash

Measurements not Research

With the interactive media comes the power to measure the energy of your events. Customer profiling, Audience engagement, reach, feedback.
Research remains academic and emprical. Qualitative inputs empower ideas for the next big thing that we promise you explode with soon

Grab your seats to decode the future